Partnership with the Change the Game Academy

TiME entered into a partnership with the Change the Game Academy (CtGA) supported by Wide Ganzen Foundation, Netherlands in July 2018 to roll out the “Local Fundraising and Mobilizing Support” training program in Sri Lanka. The objective of the project is to promote local fundraising techniques among Sri Lankan CBOs and NGOs who are facing challenges in sustaining their activities locally due to the shrinking of foreign international donor funding. The current foreign donor situation is a result of some local dynamics, such as Sri Lanka entering into the middle income country and internationally, the challenges faced by the major donors internally as well as globally. In this back drop, the local CBOs and NGOs needs to find alternatives to sustain their causes. The Local Fundraising is a proven strategy in many countries that help them to free from the dependence on the foreign funding. It is time Sri Lanka adopt this strategy.

The interested CBOs and NGOs can contact TiME for further details of the future programs.

Tel: +94 77 2249423
Change the Game Academy Website