Our Support Services

Organizational Development Support

  • Facilitate the creation of innovative strategies for organizational development, communication management, and transition that align with the unique context of Sri Lanka. This involves offering customized analyses of the political, social, and economic trends that shape and influence operational dynamics.
  • Leverage expertise, drawing upon experience, knowledge of processes, current research, and astute analysis to improve organizational performance,
    accountability, and compliance.
  • Aid in proactively addressing challenges, identifying strategic opportunities, and mitigating risks effectively.

Strategic Planning Support

  • Contribute to the development of programs, budgets, and draft laws, rules, and procedures through an objective critical analysis of the internal, industry, and external environments

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Assist in capturing the effects and impacts of policies and programs by conducting astute analyses within Sri Lanka’s unique context. This involves providing tailor-made analyses of political, social, and economic trends that shape and impact operations.

Conflict Management Support

  • Offer consultancy services focused on conflict resolution and management within institutions, workplaces, and society. Provide analytical insights to facilitate effective resolution strategies.
  • Deliver training sessions on conflict resolution/transformation tailored for top and middle management staff.
  • Engage in negotiations to effectively resolve conflicts

Policy Review/Formulation Support

  • Policy review support
  • Offer support in policy formulation for state institutions by organizing and moderating stakeholder conversational sessions.
  • Offer support in policy implementation by formulating policies and developing action plans.

Workplace Dispute Management Support

  • Contribute to the reduction of workplace disputes by developing comprehensive communication plans and staff motivation strategies.
  • Collaboratively develop and conduct staff performance appraisals, including bottom-up feedback sessions for managers.
  • Jointly develop integrity training

Mediation and Negotiation and Skills for Conflict prevention and Resolution Intervention and Training support

  • Facilitate third-party interventions in workplace/community disputes using trained mediators and lawyers.
  • Act as a representative for parties involved in negotiating conflicts/dealings, aiming to achieve their aspirations and fostering win-win outcomes for both parties.
  • Design and deliver customized training programs addressing the specific needs of corporate sector staff in conflict prevention and resolution skills.
  • Develop programs specifically tailored to address conflict situations in workplaces.

Leadership and Team Building Training Support

  • Assist the state and corporate sector in cultivating soft skills to remain competitive in the rapidly evolving realms of development and business.
  • Create and execute programs designed to enhance the engagement of staff members during corporate events and activities, with a focus on expanding
    their soft skills capacity.
    o Possible events/ activities
            ~ Corporate retreats
            ~ Corporate convention breakout sessions
            ~ Cultural events for promotion of cohesiveness

Giving Back Program Development Support

  • Recognizing corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a means of giving back to the community is crucial for engaging with stakeholders effectively. Through TiME involvement, institutions can strategically plan their CSR initiatives, including hands-on training programs, to foster meaningful connections with
    the community.
  • Our seasoned social practitioners can assist in tailoring the ideal CSR program for your institution. They specialize in aligning your resources with the specific needs of the stakeholder community you engage with.

Advocacy and Lobbying Support

  • Conduct training sessions focused on mobilizing community support for organizations in the not-for-profit sector.
  • Create advocacy and lobbying plans for the non-profit sector to enhance their influence and improve the impact of their programs.
  • Offer consultancy services to civil society, community-based organizations (CBOs), and the corporate sector. This involves identifying the advocacy and lobbying needs of their institutions and developing plans to execute effective advocacy and lobbying programs.
  • Conduct training sessions for corporate executives, civil society leaders, and community leaders on advocacy, lobbying, and campaigning strategies. This
    includes providing guidance for promoting products and services, as well as addressing social and community issues.

Workplace Appraisals

  • Facilitate performance dialogues and bottom-up feedback approach
  • Facilitate to set annual goals and targets by individuals and teams
  • Facilitate communication strategies for staff growth
  • Facilitate dignity sessions for better understanding

Marketing and Communication Survey and Action Based Research

  • Undertake action based quantitative and qualitative research
    ~ Social context analysis and solution based recommendations
    ~ Carry out market research and community scanning on social issues and entrepreneur development etc.
    ~ Undertake political analysis strategic based research
    ~ Undertake perception surveys

Social accountability

Social accountability refers to the responsibility of individuals, organizations, and governments to transparently and effectively address societal needs, uphold ethical standards, and ensure equitable outcomes through active engagement, feedback mechanisms, and collaborative decision-making with the communities they serve.